I have a superpower!

Baby I can create things, with my mind 🧠!

Dude, if I can tell u the amount of things iv seen in my dreams come to life.

Idc what anyone says, dream that shit to life! If you can mentally plan a path to it why not give it a try♡Its kinda morbid to say, but I feel like I have nothing to a good way!

The chances I take are stronger. Some hurt alil but it's a cool memory. Just give it a try is what I'm sayin. You never know👀🦋⚡🐉🎰

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I finally know how to use FL Studio! :') Thinking of starting a Vlog. Twitch is cool for gaming. Its just the new YT man..idk. I can't use a vpn without them deleting my account for god knows why. Che